Eric Sommerlade


I am a research assistant in the Active Vision Group of the Oxford University Engineering Department. I work under the supervision of Dr Ian Reid.

In 2001, I completed my Diplom (TU) (equivalent to a M.Sc.) in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, after which I founded a company focussing on 3d-reconstruction, targetting end-users and off-the shelf hardware in particular. Here you can see a very old scan of mine... (java required).

After some years science called and I started work as a research assistant at the Computer Vision Centre in Barcelona. At one point I had seen enough intestinal images and headed over to AVL in Oxford.

I am pursuing a DPhil since January 2007, and hope to finish by end of 2009. My work is funded by the EC grant IST-027110 for the HERMES project in the EU sixth framework programme.

You can find my contact information here, and some of my research results here.