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Formatting float number output in bash

Uh, really exciting....

However, sometimes you need to run over some values in bash, send them as float values to a program, and nicely prefix them with zeros so that the resulting string can be used as part of a text file name.

First guess was using bc, e.g.

$a=`echo 1/100|bc -l`

However, bc does not give you any way to format the resulting number. As usual it is awk that comes to the rescue: with it's C-like format specifiers for printf. Let's say you have an integer a from a loop, then you do

alpha=`echo "$a/100" | bc -l | awk '{printf("%06.2f", $1);}'`

to get values in the form "000.01".

Note that the initial number (6 here) indicates the overall number of digits.
(2010-05-20, edited 2010-05-21, forgot bc!)