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Migrating to a SSD harddisk.

First, I just got a SSD to replace my old and seemingly slowing dying harddisk in my laptop. I hoped not only for a speed up, but for extra security as well (after having lost roughly 250GB on a disk that dropped from a table (in a soft pouch, in a backpack)).
Then, I saw Windows7 and decided that I also want to upgrade.

To move the data from a 200GB drive to the new 160GB SSD, I followed this procedure:
  • using PerfectDisk10, collect free space
  • Start->Administrative Tools->Computer Mgmt->Disk Management. Right clicked the single default partition and shrunk it to 100GB
  • I use clonezilla live to move the data from the old to the new disk
  • placed the SSD in the laptop
Right now, the system works like a charm. Everything is more responsive, boot times are faster, etc. I am now upgrading to Windows7, and curious if this will remain so....